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Leah Clark

Aspiring Political Journalist

As a student journalist, I aim to share the experiences of my community through stories. Please feel free to explore my official journalism portfolio.

“The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them.”

Ida B. Wells

About Me

Growing up in Mississippi, I have always had an interest in writing. The ability to tell a story and put someone else in your shoes through printed words. However, it is the ability to share someone else's perspective that intrigues me even more. Those interests are what led me to join my high school's newspaper during my freshman year. Being on the newspaper staff, I was taught to be a fast learner as well as a quick-thinker, and I enjoyed every minute of it. As I entered my senior year of high school, deciding on my college major became an easy task. Mass Communication seemed to be the perfect fit for me as I now saw potential in myself for a career in journalism.
Now, as a student at Xavier University of Louisiana, I am sure that I made the correct choice. For all the lows journalism has given me during stressful times, it has also allowed me to get to know my community and better educate those in it. There have been so many fascinating stories that I've had the privilege to be part of sharing. I hope to combine my journalistic skills with my interest in politics to hopefully become a political journalist for print and digital publications.

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